June 6, 2022

Our newest curatorial research project Temporal Tempest is seeking submissions for a virtual database project of artworks, curatorial projects and writing around theme of diasporic futurisms. Temporal Tempest is generously supported by Canada Council for the Arts and developed in partnership with Subtle Technologies.

Temporal Tempest Call for Submissions are due June 20, 2022, 11:59 PM.

July 10, 2021

We are so excited to be programming a virtual exhibition for this year's Vector Festival! The exhibition Constellation of Oracle's will be hosted online through

Constellation of Oracles — presents works by Alyssa BistonathRah ElehVictoria Kamila, and Quentin VerCetty. Using sci fi, fantasy, and digital culture to envision alternate realities, they foretell collective futures.

October 29, 2020

Galvanized Suns successfully live streamed Orbits 1, 2 and 3 between Oct. 15 - 17, 2020. We couldn't be prouder of our curatorial debut in Canada as Diasporic Futurisms. Adrienne and Vanessa are eternally grateful to everyone involved.

We would like to extend a massive thank you to Subtle Technologies for mentoring us through this event. We'd also like to express an enormous amount of gratitude to the Canada Council for the Arts for helping to fund this event through the CBC Digital Originals Grant. Diasporic Futurisms would also like to share our unending gratitude to all of the phenomenal artists featured in this program. You helped make our vision come to life beyond what we could have anticipated for. Thank you to: Aisha and Anda Ali, Ana Luisa Bernardez Notz, Michaela Bridgemohan, Jonathan Chan-Choong, Antonio Coello, Luis Navarro Del Angel, Roya DelSol, Kanika Gordon, Queen Kukoyi, Olivia McGilchrist, Jean-Pierre Marchant, Sarah Mo, Marc Ngui, Kofi Oduro, and Faune Ybarra. Last, but not least, thank you to everyone who tuned in during Galvanized Suns! Your views made putting this event together that much more exciting.

For Diasporic Futurisms, the next few months involve diving back into the grant writing process, through the mentorship of Subtle Technologies, in preparation for next year's programming initiatives. We wish everyone a safe and healthy rest of the year. Please keep an eye out for more news regarding next year's events here on our website, instagram, or via Subtle Technologies' fb page.

october 6, 2020 Galvanized Suns Orbits 1 | 2 | 3

Our first live stream event Galvanized Suns will be streaming on our website on October 15, 16 & 17. Programming will run from 7PM EST to 10 PM EST!
We've announced our artists and our programming schedule is available 
Our stream schedule changes each day so you don't miss anything!

October 15th @ 7:50 | Live Performance: Jonathan Chan-Choong A Glass of 'So Real'
October 15th @ 8:25 | Live Performance: Kofi Oduro Preacha Draws & Ramblin
October 15th @ 9:45 | Live Performance: Luis Navarro Del Angel Seis8s
October 16th @ 8:40 | Curator talkback with Diasporic Futurisms.
October 17th @ 8:00 | Panel discussion featuring some of our exhibiting artists.

August 31, 2020 Galvanized Suns Call for Submissions is closed

Our first call for submissions is closed!
Thank you so much to all who submitted, we were so impressed and grateful to recieve so many quality submissions. We will be releasing more information about the festival as we continue confirming, planning and organizing for this amazing collection of works.

August 10, 2020 Galvanized Suns Call for Submissions

Our first call for submissions is live!
Galvanized Suns seeks artworks that re-imagine pasts, presents and futures through narratives of diaspora outside of Western hegemony. We are excited to feature works by artists, designers, performers and writers who contribute to Caribbean and Latin American diaspora culture in Canada and whose works can be optimized for online delivery.

July 24, 2020 Canada Council for the Arts: Digital Originals

Our application for our first online streaming festival was funded by the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Originals Grant. We developed Galvanized Suns our first festival programming.

We began development of Galvanized Suns as a first iteration of our live streamed festival, focusing on Carribean and Latin American diaspora.

July 11, 2020 Subtle Technologies Curatorial Mentorship Phase 3

We made it through to Phase 3, proposing Another World (working title), a three-day event, with three main occasions anchoring the project: the opening day of the festival is dedicated to a twenty-four-hour live stream of multi-media artworks; the second day is an hour-long screening of time-based media artworks at a pop up drive-in theatre; the third day will be another hour-long screening of another selection of media artworks in a public park. Another World provides equitable and inclusive possibilities for how to best utilize the internet and public space to exhibit artwork safely in physical-distancing culture.

Subtle Technologies’ 2020 Curatorial Mentorship Program is a paid opportunity that prepares one award winner and one runner up award winner to apply to various council grants to cover the fees of new curatorial projects. The award winner receives $3000, while the runner up receives $2000 to participate in Phase 3, where they mentored by our Board of Directors in a rigorous and inclusive process of devising, writing, editing and submitting materials and support documents to various grants for a full-fledged curatorial project, which is then programmed for Subtle Technologies Programming for 2021.

Each of the artworks selected for the festival are created by racialized peoples. The specific artworks that will be included in ‘Another World’ will fall into the theme of diasporic futurisms. This includes artistic renderings of speculative fiction, horror, science fiction, and fantasy. The tonal range amongst these categories will also be varied to include hopeful imaginings of the future as well as extensions of many in the IBPoC community’s dystopic realities.

Another World entangles art, science, and technology through both its theme (renderings of diasporic futurisms) and the platforms by which it is being presented to the public (a 24 hour live stream and public screenings). With the calls for racial justice, it is essential to show possibilities for the future through the perspectives of IBPoC identities. As we critique our current systems, ‘Another World’ offers possibilities for new structures of care, respect and imagination to replace them.

JuNe 22, 2020 Subtle Technologies Curatorial Mentorship Phase 2

We made it through the first round of selection for the Subtle Technologies Curatorial Mentorship program, proposing a media festival for online live streaming

Subtle Technologies’ Curatorial Mentorship Program is a paid opportunity that prepares five select applicants to apply to various council grants to cover the fees of new curatorial projects. Those selected to participate in Phase 2 receive $600 and are mentored by our Board of Directors in a rigorous and inclusive process of devising, writing, editing and submitting materials and support documents for a full-fledged curatorial project. Subtle Technologies is pleased to introduce this year’s participants and their projects.